Export Markets

Iran Industrial Vibrations Co. is one of the companies which values international marketing as much as domestic markets. We consider the most efficient ways to export our products. The company has already exported a good deal of its Flexible joints for pipelines and ducts to various export markets among which Middle East, Pakistan, Iraq and countries surrounding the Persian Gulf are worth mentioning.
We always consider our foreign customers’ needs, international standards and guarantees are amongst the most important factors that we considered and to which we owe our great success in our export to foreign markets. We have exported to UAE, Syria, Jordan and Turkey already.
There are also various foreign customers who have offices and projects in Iran and who have also purchased our products. This procedure allows them to spend much less and to receive the products as quick as possible compared to foreign products. The following countries are among

this category:
  • Germany
  • South Korea
  • China
  • Czechoslovakia