Fabric Expansion Joints
Application: The joints are used for absorbing the movements and vibrations in lines that are up to 0.1 bar working pressure and 1100°C working temperature.
The manner in which flexible joints are used s just as important as choosing other devices. We divide our products into two main categories:
Type L for air
Type R for gases which are created as a result of combustion
According to the type of the joint, our standard productions work in the temperature range between -50°C and 1100°C. The pressure range within which they work is between – 3000 WG and +3000 WG which are in direct relation with the system heat. For higher pressures we use our other specific products.
The manner of the flow of the fluid alongside its temperature and pressure are important factors in choosing the flexible joint.
Technical Description: These joints are used to absorb the vibration and movement in the cement industry, the power plants, steel producers, etc. in various working conditions.

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